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# [[user:Davdunc | David Duncan]]
# [[user:Davdunc | David Duncan]]
# [[user:boodle | Scott Collier]]
# [[user:boodle | Scott Collier]]
# [[user:Inode0 | John Rose]] (tentative)
# [[user:Inode0 | John Rose]] (increasingly unlikely)
# [[user:xm4nfedoralinux | Xavier Naldo]]
# [[user:xm4nfedoralinux | Xavier Naldo]]
# [[user:Maxamillion | Adam Miller]] (tentative)
# [[user:Maxamillion | Adam Miller]] (tentative)

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FedoraEvents Header EventN1.png

Texas Linux Fest - Austin, Texas


See Texas_LinuxFest_2010/Budget.

When and Where

6406 North IH-35
Suite 3100
Austin, TX 78752


  1. David Duncan
  2. Scott Collier
  3. John Rose (increasingly unlikely)
  4. Xavier Naldo
  5. Adam Miller (tentative)
  6. Chris Tucker
  7. MaxSpevack (speaker)


Texas Linux Fest is the first state-wide, community-run conference for Linux and open source software users and enthusiasts from around the Lone Star State. Much like SCALE in Los Angeles, Ohio Linux Fest in Columbus, and Linux Fest Northwest -- and an ever-growing list of successful regional shows -- Texas Linux Fest is a weekend event geared towards individual users, rather than an expensive multi-workday expo that might cater primarily to sponsored attendees. Whether you use free software and Linux at home, in your place of business, in your school or non-profit, or you are simply curious, Texas Linux Fest offers something for you.


  • Call for Papers
  • Proposal: The Fedora Project - The Community behind the Distribution (inode0)

Organizers / Team

Booth personnel


  • Swag on its way includes: 400 pieces of pressed media, 150 case badges, 50 bic pens, 100 assorted tattoos.
  • Swag pending: some number of t-shirts?
  • Vertical Fedora Banners requested (collier_s)
  • Event Box requested (collier_s)


  • Booth is 10 ft. by 10 ft.
  • Electricity has been identified as available, but layout and number of outlets available has not been determined.

  • ...

Summary, Photos, Blogposts

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