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Existem vários repositórios de software de terceiros para o Fedora. Eles normalmente têm políticas de licenciamento mais liberais e fornecem pacotes de software que o Fedora exclui por vários motivos. Estes repositórios de software não são oficialmente afiliados ou endossados ​​pelo Projeto Fedora. Utilize-os a seu próprio critério. Uma lista detalhada é mantida na página de 'Perguntar ao Fedora'.

Os repositórios de RPM Fusion são utilizados normalmente pelos utilizadores finais. RPM Fusion's packages are layered in several repositories.

There are a number of other repositories listed below but many of them are known to explicitly conflict with each other and hence not recommended unless you are a power user and know the technical aspects better.

Misturar repositórios de terceiros

We generally do not recommend mixing a lot of third party repositories since they might conflict with each other causing instability and hard to debug issues. If you are not a technical user, one safer method is to not enable the third-party repo by default and instead use the --enablerepo switch for yum|dnf, or a similar method configurable in the graphical package manager. There are a number of yum|dnf plugins for setting repo priorities or protecting the base packages from being obsoleted by third party repositories which are helpful to more technical users.