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== Plan ==
== Plan ==
# '''Location: Porto Alegre - RS - Brazil'''
# '''Location: Porto Alegre - RS - Brazil'''
# '''Date: July 25-28, 2012 '''  
# '''Date: July 26-27, 2012 '''  
# '''Schedule'''
# '''Schedule'''
# Important skills (one or more)
# Important skills (one or more)
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#* Wiki pages edition
#* Wiki pages edition
# Personnel (people who might fit the bill)
# Personnel (people who might fit the bill)
#* [[User:Igor| Igor Soares]] (session organizer) '''Confirmed? (Y/N)'''
#* [[User:Igor| Igor Soares]] (session organizer) '''Confirmed? (Y)'''
#* [[User:jorgelopes| Jorge Lopes Rodrigues]] (pt_BR Translation Coordinator) '''Confirmed? (Y/N)'''
#* [[User:jorgelopes| Jorge Lopes Rodrigues]] (pt_BR Translation Coordinator) '''Confirmed? (Y)'''
#* [[User:Lennoazevedo| Lenno Azevedo]] (wiki editor) '''Confirmed? (Y/N)'''
#* [[User:Dbruno| Daniel Bruno]] '''Confirmed? (Y/N)'''
#* ''others?''
#* ''others?''
# Other considerations
# Other considerations

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It is still under construction and content may change. Do not rely on the information on this page.

Translation FAD @ 13th International Free Software Forum


  1. Make a concentrated effort to get the Fedora modules translated and reviewed in order to start the F18 development cycle with translation in good shape.

Detailed Work Items & Final Attendees

  1. Important modules to translate
    • Anaconda
    • virt-manager
    • ABRT
    • Fedora Websites
    • Firstboot
    • Comps
    • system-config-printer
  2. In addition, we will attempt to translate some wiki pages in order to improve our documentation:
  3. Pages to be updated and/or upgraded:

Planning Prerequisites

See the How to organize a FAD list; you can keep your to-do list here.

  • Decide on Dates and Location
  • Completed work item
  • Work out budget
  • Arrange Facilities


  1. Location: Porto Alegre - RS - Brazil
  2. Date: July 26-27, 2012
  3. Schedule
  4. Important skills (one or more)
    • Brazilian Portuguese knowledge
    • English knowledge
    • PO files edition
    • Wiki pages edition
  5. Personnel (people who might fit the bill)
  6. Other considerations
    • A room at the hotel during FISL13 will be available for the translation FAD.
    • We are willing to host a social event the day after the FAD.


This FAD will be hosted during FISL13 to take advantage that everyone will be already together for the event.


Description Cost (R$) Cost (USD)
Conference room for two days R$ 1000.00 US$ 527.00

Total budget: US$ 527,43

  • Main budget for FISL is being tracked at FISL13.