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= Upstream Release Monitoring =
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== TLDR; Get Packages Monitored ==
Get bug reports for a project's releases in Fedora's Bugzilla with three steps:
# Add the project to [ anitya].
# Map the project to a Fedora package in [ anitya].
# Enable the monitoring flag for that package in [ pkgdb2].
== Bugzilla bugs by the-new-hotness ==
[ OPEN bugs]
[ CLOSED bugs]
== Details ==
One of the core foundation of Fedora is "First" which implies having the latest
versions of software (in rawhide and sometimes in released branches), but as a
package maintainer it can be tedious to keep up with the releases from multiple
Fedora thus offers a service to help with this. This service is divided into
three components:
* Anitya
* pkgdb2
* the-new-hotness
{{Admon/note|Previous Service|This service used to be managed by a tool called [ cnucnu] which scraped a wiki page for what upstreams to monitor.  You can find the old list of monitored packages in the history of this page.}}
=== Anitya ===
Available at [] it
provides a web service where anyone can register a project and will broadcast a
[ fedmsg] message when it finds a new release (checks are run
by cron twice a day).
This service is not specific to Fedora but we are using it as a way to learn
about new releases.  Edit entries there to your heart's content.
=== PkgDB2 ===
Fedora package maintainers can then indicate in the
[ package database] which packages they
would like to have monitored by the-new-hotness (see below).
=== The-New-Hotness ===
[ The-new-hotness] is an application that listens to the fedmsg bus and acts upon
receiving messages from [].
When it receives a message indicating that a project has a new release, if that
project is mapped to a Fedora package, it will check in pkgdb2 if the Fedora
package is marked to be monitored.
If the package is marked to be monitored, the-new-hotness will open a ticket
on [ Bugzilla] mentioning the
availability of the new release. It will then clone the git repository, bump
the version and reset the release, download the new sources (if it can) and
attempt a scratch build in koji.
The result of the scratch build is then added to the open bugzilla ticket.
Subsequent successful koji builds are added to the ticket as well.
== Requesting Help ==
If you need help to get your package monitored, please add it to this section. It might take some time till someone gets to fix this.
* gimp-paint-studio
* campivisivi-titillium-fonts
* azureus(vuze)
* drupal6-features_extra
* xinetd
* lmdb
* kismet
* ghasher
* libmx
* six
* swing-layout
* wvdial
* latencytop
* bltk
* numlockx
* cdrkit
It would be terrific to monitor these, but many of their upstreams have bad release practices (archives without versions, stealth replace-in-place, or even multiple raw files outside an archive)
* aajohan-comfortaa-fonts
* aspell-af aspell-af-(.*?)\.tar\.bz2
* aspell-ar aspell6-ar-(.*?)\.tar\.bz2
* aspell-bg aspell6-bg-(.*?)\.tar\.bz2
* aspell-bn aspell6-bn-(.*?)\.tar\.bz2
* aspell-br aspell-br-(.*?)\.tar\.bz2
* aspell-ca aspell6-ca-(.*?)\.tar\.bz2
* aspell-cs aspell6-cs-(.*?)\.tar\.bz2
* aspell-cy aspell-cy-(.*?)\.tar\.bz2
* aspell-da aspell5-da-(.*?)\.tar\.bz2
* aspell-de aspell6-de-(.*?)\.tar\.bz2
* aspell-el aspell-el-(.*?)\.tar\.bz2
* aspell-en aspell6-en-(.*?)\.tar\.bz2
* aspell-es aspell6-es-(.*?)\.tar\.bz2
* aspell-fi aspell6-fi-(.*?)\.tar\.bz2
* aspell-fo aspell5-fo-(.*?)\.tar\.bz2
* aspell-fr aspell-fr-(.*?)\.tar\.bz2
* aspell-ga aspell5-ga-(.*?)\.tar\.bz2
* aspell-gd aspell5-gd-(.*?)\.tar\.bz2
* aspell-gl aspell6-gl-(.*?)\.tar\.bz2
* aspell-gu aspell6-gu-(.*?)\.tar\.bz2
* aspell-he aspell6-he-(.*?)\.tar\.bz2
* aspell-hi aspell6-hi-(.*?)\.tar\.bz2
* aspell-hr aspell-hr-(.*?)\.tar\.bz2
* aspell-id aspell5-id-(.*?)\.tar\.bz2
* aspell-is aspell-is-(.*?)\.tar\.bz2
* aspell-it aspell6-it-(.*?)\.tar\.bz2
* aspell-ml aspell6-ml-(.*?)\.tar\.bz2
* aspell-mr aspell6-mr-(.*?)\.tar\.bz2
* aspell-nl aspell-nl-(.*?)\.tar\.bz2
* aspell-no aspell-nb-(.*?)\.tar\.bz2
* aspell-or aspell6-or-(.*?)\.tar\.bz2
* aspell-pa aspell6-pa-(.*?)\.tar\.bz2
* aspell-pl aspell6-pl-(.*?)\.tar\.bz2
* aspell-pt_BR aspell6-pt_BR-(.*?)\.tar\.bz2
* aspell-pt_PT aspell6-pt_PT-(.*?)\.tar\.bz2
* aspell-ru aspell6-ru-(.*?)\.tar\.bz2
* aspell-sk aspell6-sk-(.*?)\.tar\.bz2
* aspell-sr aspell6-sr-(.*?)\.tar\.bz2
* aspell-sv aspell-sv-(.*?)\.tar\.bz2
* aspell-ta aspell6-ta-(.*?)\.tar\.bz2
* aspell-te aspell6-te-(.*?)\.tar\.bz2
* ecolier-court-fonts
* gfs-ambrosia-fonts
* gfs-artemisia-fonts
* gfs-baskerville-fonts
* gfs-bodoni-classic-fonts
* gfs-bodoni-fonts
* gfs-complutum-fonts
* gfs-decker-fonts
* gfs-didot-classic-fonts
* gfs-didot-fonts
* gfs-eustace-fonts
* gfs-fleischman-fonts
* gfs-garaldus-fonts
* gfs-gazis-fonts
* gfs-jackson-fonts
* gfs-neohellenic-fonts
* gfs-nicefore-fonts
* gfs-olga-fonts
* gfs-porson-fonts
* gfs-pyrsos-fonts
* gfs-solomos-fonts
* gfs-theokritos-fonts
* google-droid-fonts;a=tree;f=data/fonts
* jabberpy{name}/%{name}-%{version}-0.tar.gz
* nawk
* perl-Frontier-RPC{version}.tar.gz
* python-debian{version}.tar.gz
* superiotool
* yanone-kaffeesatz-fonts
== Related Projects ==
* [ Debian External Health Status] ([ offline] since August 2013)
* [ Custom script for packages from Caolán McNamara]
* [ OSWatershed] - Monitors several distributions at once
* [ Perl package monitoring]
* [ Reports from Remi] PECL, pear and R extensions upstream comparison and stable repo with rawhide comparison for all packages
* [ Fedora]
* [ Youri] [ in action] [ puppet modules] A generic framework
* [ ossvt] Developed for [ IUS]
* [ the tool previously used to provides this service for Fedora]
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