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About Me

My journey with Linux began in mid-January 10, 2005, with a version Brazilian national "Kurumin". After understanding the functioning of the system and all its functionality and ease of use,i was very animated with all the novelties. I spent testing various versions of linux to know the difference of each one and what the best option to use the day the day would be more appropriate, was when i came across the fedora 7, i fell in love with the system and the fedora. Since version 7 system I've been using fedora for all sorts of tasks, from the most basic up to the most advanced and complex, never left me in the hand. Did some time that I wanted to enter the community to help the fedora somehow disclosure, packaging or system programming.

I hope to find my place in the community and begin as fast as possible to develop the work.

For the future:

Hope already have the certifications of redhat, from technician to engineer the system and that my company will only work with the fedora on desktops and redhat on the servers.

I'm student in computer networks and command a company of international trade.

How to find me

Full Name: André Makishi Rodrigues Email: Google Talk: Skype: andre.makishi IRC: AndrMak@ #fedora-br, #fedora-latam, #fedora-ambassadors,#fedora-pt, #fedora-mktg FAS: AndrMak Languages: Brazilian Portuguese, English Location: Goiania , Brazil Education: Bachelor degree in "computer networking" at University salty of Oliveira Blog: ( in recasting )

== Fedora Projects Involved ==