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Getting sponsored to the packager group

The packager group consists of volunteers that manage the Fedora packages. This document describes how to join the package maintenance team.

Before requesting sponsorship to the packager group, please ensure that you have a user page on the wiki (create an FAS account, log in to the wiki using your FAS account, and go to wiki/User:<your FAS username>)

Packagers should have:

We are not expected to know them by heart, but we should have a general understanding of these bits, and know where to look them up when needed. My task as a sponsor is to help you learn these concepts, the skills, and the tools needed to contribute to the community as a package maintainer.

You should also subscribe to the devel mailing list where most discussion regarding packages and tooling occurs. It is your responsibility to keep yourself up to date with the changes in the community.

You can be sponsored to the group in a variety of ways. Please read this page to learn how.

Colleagues that I have sponsored

Colleagues that I am working with now to sponsor, or that I've already sponsored are listed below. Please contact me for any queries regarding their contributions.

Name Date sponsored How sponsored
Didik Supriadi In progress
Francis Gesora In progress, as co-maintainer of xmedcon : Currently inactive.
Purusharth S In progress, as co-maintainer of xmedcon
Nitish Sharma In progress
Rohith In progress
Iztok Fister Jr. 2020-10-09 As co-maintainer of python-sklearn-nature-inspired-algorithms, python-niapy, member of the neuro-sig group
Christoph Karl 2020-09-28 As co-maintainer of qjackctl
Mikel Olasagasti Uranga 2020-08-06 As maintainer of postgresqltuner
Manas Mangaonkar 2019-02-05 As co-maintainer of pystache
Jim Campbell 2019-02-08 As co-maintainer of gnote
Aniket Pradhan 2019-09-?? As a member of the NeuroFedora packaging team
Alessio Ciregia 2019-09-20 As a member of the NeuroFedora packaging team
Alberto Rodríguez Sánchez 2019-09-22 As a member of the NeuroFedora packaging team
Danny Lee 2019-09-22 As a member of the NeuroFedora packaging team
Morgan Hough 2019-10-10 As a member of the NeuroFedora packaging team
Julen Landa Alustiza 2019-11-18 As co-maintainer for zathura plugin packages
Jorge 2019-12-12 As co-maintainer for timewarrior