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I am a Chemical Engineer and expert of Computer Aided Design in Chemical Engineering (from the times of old VAX's). I live close to Milan, northern Italy. I started with Linux with Red Hat 6 that I found in a computer magazine, and I continued with all releases of RH and then of Fedora. I introduced Linux in my office, after switching to Linux at home. I learnt the hard way, no other Linux user close to me at the beginning...

I have written some notes about my experience with Fedora (in Italian) at [1], reassuming the bugs that I encountered and what to include for a working multimedia Fedora

My personal e-mail is I can be contacted on my mobile phone +393386586046

I am running Fedora both at home and office in Milan, where everybody interested can see a fully working network between Fedora 10, Fedora Rawhide, Windows Vista and Windows XP, to show full interoparability between different systems. Anybody is welcome to visit me especially in Milan where I think there are many more people interested in Fedora (or in Linux). I connected also a satellite-TV decoder based on Linux that can work as media player from the network that shares media files on the network.

I can be contacted on IRC Freenode fedora-it as antonio_