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Computer Engineer and expert in Open Source solutions for infrastructure and cloud computing. At least 15 years of experience in Linux+Unix system administration and technical project management, always proposing low cost and cutting-edge solutions, as far as possible excluding any dependence and use of proprietary software licenses. Currently working in a Infrastructure Architect role at Red Hat Chile, best known global leader in open source solutions for Business.

In his free time performs technical lectures as Ambassador for Fedora Project, an international initiative which aims to develop and maintain Fedora Linux, a OS free software base, promoted and sponsored by Red Hat.


Main coordinator, speaker and linux evangelist in a large list of conferences and public events, trying to build an open model of communication and engagement between the community and the business. - Fedora Users and Developers Conference. -- Prague 2014, Czech Republic. -- Venezuela 2012, Valencia, “Openshift Cloud Platform” -- Panama 2011, Panama City. “Working with Red Hat Cloud solutions, Hands-On”. -- Zurich 2010, Switzerland, Latam Ambassador experiences. -- Santiago de Chile 2010. Main Coordinator and Lecturer. - Fedora Linux Day, Santiago de Chile, Main coordinator and Lecturer. 2009-2010. - Fedora Magazine Latam. Reviewer. 2010-2011 - FLISOL: Feria Latinoamericana de Instalación de Software Libre. - Encuentro Open Source y Nuevas Tecnologías (EON) Santiago, Chile. 2005-2011 -- Main Coordinator and Speaker, with lectures related to edge technologies. - Encuentro Linux. Fedora Project + Red Hat Speaker. 2009-2010. - Software Freedom Day. All years until today. -- Lectures about new technologies related with Free and Open Source software.


  • Name: Antonio Sebastián Sallés
  • Email:
  • IRC: asalles at #fedora-latam
  • Fedora Account: Antoniosalles Firma asalles.jpg