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*Kosova Software Freedom 2012
*Kosova Software Freedom 2012
*[ Fedora 20 Release Party in Prishtina, Kosovo]
*[ Fedora 20 Release Party in Prishtina, Kosovo]
* Fosdem 2013
* OSCAL 2014
* SFK 2014
* OSCAL 2015
== Badges ==
== Badges ==
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{{ #fedorabadges: ardian }}

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Ardian Haxha

Ardian Haxha
[[Image:{{{image}}}|none|none|Ardian Haxha]]
Personal Information
Birthday: 21/12/1992
Birthplace: Prishtina, Kosovo
Home: Prishtina, Kosovo
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: ardian
Miscellaneous Information
private Mail: ardian [AT] fedoraproject [DOT] org
GPG-Key: {{{gpg}}}
Twitter: ArdianHaxha ardian
Jabber: ardian.haxha [AT] gmail [DOT] com
IRC: ardian on Freenode in
#fedora-ambassadors,#flossk, #fedora, #python (and others)

Hello, my name is Ardian Haxha. I'm 20 years old. And I go to university. I live in Kosovo, Pristina. I follow lessons at ”UBT” University for Business and Technology. My hobbies are hiking, parties, programming etc.

Working with FLOSS

I'm a young free/libre open source software/linux, enthusiast who has been working on promoting FLOSS in Kosovo.

I'm helping my fellow peopel here in Kosovo in learning GNU/Linux. I helped run the first SFK09(Software Freedom Kosova 09) conference. I organised and talked in many locations in my country. I also have been learning and working on the OpenStreetMap project for Kosovo. I'm working on translating different software packages into Albanian, I translated Pino the free and open social media client and helped translating other packages. And I have been working on cooporation in the balkans and worldwide


  • Language: Albanian, English and German
  • Location: Kosovo, Pristina
  • Email: ardian(at)fedoraproject(dot)org
  • Twitter:
  • IRC: ardian @ freenode: #fedora #fedora-ambassadors #fedora-social #flossk #gnu
  • Fedora Account: ardian

Activities within Fedora

  • Fedora Ambassador
  • Translator of Fedora in Albanian
  • Beta tester of Fedora

Events I attended


Involvement Bloggin' it! (Planet I) Bloggin' it! (Planet II) Ambassador Bloggin' it! (Planet III) Bloggin' it! (Planet IV) Embryo Riddle Me This Junior Badger (Badger I) Let Me Introduce Myself White Rabbit Mugshot Baby Badger Tadpole Egg Curious Penguin (Ask Fedora II) Junior Editor Bob Loblaw (Planet V) Speak Up! Crypto Badger Curious Penguin (Ask Fedora I) No Longer a Ronin Tadpole with Legs Origin Chocolate Chip (Cookie II) Secretary General Science (Kernel Tester I) Macaron (Cookie I) Associate Badger (Badger 1.5) Associate Editor OSCAL 2016 Attendee Fedora 24 Translation Sprint Junior Tagger (Tagger I) Junior Package Tagger (Package Tagger I) Tagger (Tagger II) Fedora Women Day 2017 Attendee Software Freedom Kosova 2016 Attendee The Panda Is In Froglet OSCAL 2017 Attendee Adult Frog Don't Call it a Comeback Paranoid Panda