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[[File:whoa.jpg|right|thumb|200px|That's me!]]
Hi, my name is '''Joey''' and I've been on here a while.
= Joe O'Dell =
I've only just got back into the loop so apologies for the blank-ness!

Hi, My name is Joe O'Dell and I've been working on Fedora for quite a while.
Any queries send me a message :)
I will try to keep this short, as there are lots of places online where you can read more about me.
I'm a student at an Upper (Secondary) School in Bedfordshire (UK), I'm a GEEK and I have a passion for FLOSS, Linux and Software Freedom. :)
I have some of the more usual hobbies, other than being a geek, such as reading, making cool-beans friends and enjoying life!
Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, and do have a look around!
= Me & Linux =
Although I'm still at school, I've been using Linux for quite a while now - I first started using it way back in 2005, when I finally decided to give MS the boot. I'd finally become tired of paying for an OS, while there were perfectly good ones (and even better ones!) available on the internet.
I have a passion to share Linux, and hopefully I can benefit a lot of people!
= Contact =
* '''Email''': , ,
* '''IRC''': my nick is '''ascenseur''' - I'm usually on #ubuntu-uk, #defy, #bedslug, #fedora-uk and ##linuxanimators ''(on''
* '''GPG key''': 41BBF4C9 - This is distributed on as many keyservers as possible!
* '''Fedora Account''': ascenseur
* '''FedoraTalk Account''':
* '''SIPGate Account''': - [[User:Ascenseur/SIP|If you are calling from a SIP network other than SIPgate, or want more details, Click Here!]]
* '''Skype''': vie_ascenseur
I welcome you to contact me, but please try to use email/IRC first, as I am not always at my desk to recieve phone calls.
= Me on the Internet =
I have a collection of sites floating around the website, please visit them!
* [ bedsLUG] - This is the LUG ''(Linux User Group)'' that I am running for Bedfordshire, UK.
* [ anagram:creative] - I run a creative design business, it helps me buy things that I need for school!
* [  Joe O'Dell] - This is my page on another Linux distro's wiki.
* [ Launchpad: ascenseur] - I help translate on, this is my page
* [ Wikipedia: Vie_ascenseur] - I contribute to Wikipedia in my spare time, so this is another page of mine.
I also have some useful sites which I'd quite like you to visit!
* [ Ubuntu-UK] - The Ubuntu-UK group, where I am also a member. I use Fedora and Ubuntu equally on my machines
* [ DFEY] - DFEY is a group of young people from across the UK who aim to promote FLOSS and Libre to other young people and schools. I'm a member :)
= Activities within Fedora =
* Free Media contributor since 2009!
I love being part of the FreeMedia group, as it lets me give something back to the world :)
I don't have extreme amounts of money that I can give, but by sending a couple of 25p discs every month, I know someone else has experienced linux, and that's all good!
* Promoting Fedora
I aim to promote Fedora (but also other Linux distros) to the wide community in which I live in. This is why I have set up my own LUG ''(Linux User Group)'', as I believe that there is a lot I can help others learn, and Fedora is a part of it!
If you're interested in my LUG, have a look at []

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Hi, my name is Joey and I've been on here a while. I've only just got back into the loop so apologies for the blank-ness!

Any queries send me a message :)