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My name is Andrew, I am a retired Navy Enlisted Technician that holds a CCNA and has many years of experience with networks and various operating systems. I was exposed to Fedora by another retired service member and have loved it ever since. In those earlier days I started with Fedora Core 6 on an old laptop along side with Red Hat. I now perfer to use Fedora 14 over the windows products. I find that the more I use Fedora the more I enjoy the features and ease of configuration of various platforms. I now have 3 of the 15 machines running Fedora (13, 14, and now 15).

Although I am an entry level user here with the project, I am very excited to help out in any way I can. Linux systems are not unfamiliar to me while in the military, I was responsible for maintaining HP UX (unix based systems and Servers) servers and nodes. I find Fedora to be the most stable platform available over any other versions of Linux (i.e ubuntu, knoppix etc...)

I look forward to talking with other members of the project and future Fedora users.


Andrew Ward Electronics Technician Senior Chief Ret. USN

Location: USA