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== Todo ==
== Todo ==

* [[User:Baard/Yum_Emerge]]
* [[User:Baard/Yum_Emerge|Yum Emerge]]
* [[User:Baard/Revisor_Mod_Mock]]
* [[User:Baard/Revisor_Mod_Mock|Revisor Mod Mock]]


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Stefan Alexander Hartsuiker

I am a typical nerd, I spent most of my time behind a keyboard. The few times when this is not the case, I can usually be found with a glass of single malt in my hands.


  • Date of Birth: September 17th, 1973
  • Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • Email: sahartsu AT xs4all DOT nl
  • IRC: #fedora-unity, #fedora-unity-devel, #fedora-devel
  • IRC Nickname: baard1973
  • GPG key: 568D4552
  • Fedora Account: baard
  • Languages: Dutch, English, German

Activities within Fedora

  • Accidentally became a founding member of Fedora EMEA, but that is ok, since I agree with the concepts of it all.
  • Working on packaging, currently only gadmin-squid
  • Working with JeroenVanMeeuwen on getting me involved in Revisor