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Hi Everyone! I'm Emeka Bethel N. A Fedora Lover, user and Advocate. A student of Federal University of Technology Owerri Nigeria in anticipation for a degree in Agricultura Extenstion. I've been a linux user since Red Hat 9, open source advocate, already a Vendor for Fedora in Nigeria & also a Red Hat ISV partner. Hope to spread Linux to all. My organisation aims to spread Fedora & open source through seminars, workshops, training & any means possible. Collaborations are welcomed. i can be reached via +234-8057761323 or emeka at bensoftent dot com.

My Activities! I love working on CUPS, web development, graphic design with Inkscape or Fireworks, rpm packaging (especially from tarballs) for easy application installations, Apache, phpmyadmin on Fedora and more. Also distribute and install Fedora for peole and most of my friends who are I.T inclined. When i'm not busy, i'm probaby reading or studying especially I.T related books like Christopher Negus's Linux Bible, Tammy Fox, Linux Mag and other related articles.

My Goal Spread Open source initiatives, Have Fedora spread through collaborative efforts, seminars, workshops, training/boot camps, in schools and campuses, Institutions. Help spread OLPC for the benefit of those who cant afford a p.c in the region and see Fedora gain more awareness and use.

Where & how to reach me Simply call me up or send me an email emeka at bensoftent dot com. better still, visit