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Beth Lynn Eicher is a professional Linux System Administrator since 1999.

With a passion for free software, Beth Lynn has organized dozens of events for Western PA Linux Users Group as well as being a key contributor to the Ohio LinuxFest. While overcome with the joy of community she experienced at South East LinuxFest, she made the bold claim that bug one will be resolved July 2011. She believes this change is possible through fostering current relationships by helping friends and family get started with Linux.

My contributions are focused on one of these three efforts:

1. The Ohio LinuxFest, a community conference for all,

2. What Will We Use, a blog on resolving [one],

3. Western PA Linux User Group, my home LUG,

What I do:

  • I am not a programmer. I enjoy helping people get started with Linux wherever I can.
  • My day job is "Senior Systems Engineer" at a government research facility supporting Linux-based high performance resources.

What I am using now:

I run many flavors of Linux including: Fedora 12 and Ubuntu 10.04 UNR on the desktop. On server platforms I use RHEL, CentOS, and SUSE. My home is an constant installfest.


Email: (personal) Email: (Ohio LinuxFest)

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