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Beth Lynn Eicher is a professional Linux System Administrator since 1999.


With a passion for free software, Beth Lynn has organized dozens of events for Western PA Linux Users Group as well as being a key leader to the Ohio LinuxFest.

Activities within Fedora

Documentation Project

I joined at the South East LinuxFest 2010 at the Friday Fedora Activity day. Right now I am focusing on wiki gardening. I am interested in working on documentation guides in need of adoption. Also, if you want an experienced sysadmin to read your guide, please let me know.

Currently I am reviewing the rpm guide and surfing the bugzilla in search of packages in need of manpages.

I am attracted to this bug which involves the need for iso burning docs for Windows users. To that end, I am in search of any other guides or Fedora branded websites which discuss burning isos with free software from Windows.

Fedora Women

I did not know Fedora Women existed until I joined the list on June 20, 2010. At the very least, I have helped by increasing Fedora Women population by one.

As women, it is important to stand up, be heard, and be counted as part of the greater community.

I am Fedora

Read my blog post where I declare "I am Fedora."

Other works

What I do:

  • I am not a programmer. I enjoy helping people get started with Linux wherever I can.
  • My day job is "Senior Systems Engineer" at a government research facility supporting Linux-based high performance resources.

My contributions are focused on one of these efforts:

1. The Ohio LinuxFest, a community conference for all,

2. What Will We Use, a blog on resolving bug one,

3. Western PA Linux User Group, my home LUG,

4. Visionary behind a Linux system adoption service

What I am using now:

I run many flavors of Linux including: Fedora 12 & 13 and Ubuntu 10.04 UNR on the desktop. On server platforms I use RHEL, CentOS, and SUSE. My home is an constant installfest.


Email (personal) or (Ohio LinuxFest)


Unfortunately I rarely can access the Internet during US-Eastern business hours. With that said, I have been known to appear in the following channels on fedora-docs, lopsa, and wplug

The Ohio LinuxFest has the #ohiolinux on the network.

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