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Bert Desmet

Bert Desmet

Hello, my name is Bert Desmet. I am now 21years old, and I'm still going to school. I live in Belgium, Kruishoutem, near Ghent. I follow lessons at the Kaho Sint-Lievens high school. Currently I'm doing second bachelor Electronics-IT. My hobbies are: listening to music (rock and electro), going to some parties, having fun with my friends. And I like programming (Java, C#, C++, C and a bit python) and scripting (PHP). I am always in for new technologies (maybe that is why I like fedora that much?).

About 8 years ago I started with Linux, when my older cousin installed Debian on an old pc. I was 13 or 14 years old, and had never heard of Linux before, but I liked it like euh, immediately. It was running with Gnome, and I still like Gnome more than KDE, but that's something personal. when Fedora core 2 was released, I switched to Fedora, and stayed with Fedora. But I have also tested other distro's like Ubuntu, Mandriva, Slackware, ..., ...


  • Email: bert AT devnox DOT be
  • Language: Dutch, English and a little bit French
  • Location: Kruishoutem, Belgium
  • Website: blog
  • IRC: biertie @ freenode: fedora, fedora-ambassadors, fedora-docs, fedora-devel, fedora-meeting, fedora-social, fedora-unity
  • GPG key: 0x228a0ba4427147bd
  • Fedora Account: biertie

Activities within Fedora

Activities outside Fedora, but related too Linux, FOSS

FUDCon Toronto 2009

short version

  • I would do 4 tech talks:
    • how to start with fedora
    • How to Add and Remove Software in Fedora
    • Getting Started in the Fedora Community together with Yaakov Nemoy
    • git for developers
  • Documenting: Live transcribing sessions I'm present in (irc); also willing to sort/clean-up wiki notes afterwards.
  • if needed, try to help set up live streams
  • I have a cool idea for a pitch session

long version

I will be mostly working on the documentation side of this event. this involves going to talks that do interest me, but make sure there is a live transcription over this session on IRC, and make a summary for the wiki.

I think it would also be great if we could live stream te most important sessions, and make them available later on our wiki. I already team up with people like Yaakov Nemoy to make this happen. this would be very important for people that want to attend more than one session at the time - which is impossible without IRC- So I hope we can make this project a success!

I also want to do some technical sessions. I think it would be perfect to do these 3 sessions -How to start with Fedora, how to add and remove software, and getting started in the fedora community- together, and by the same person, that way I can make one long 'beginner' track, for newbies, or people that just want to hear my opinion about some basic stuff. I would do the 'getting started with fedora community' together with Yaakov, because maybe he sees things in a different perspective, and that way we can make one kick ass presentation.

next to the starter track, I want to speak about GIT, not about the special shizzle you can do with it, but about what matters to coders.. how to start with it, and how to use it fast via command line as well as via some GUI software. Because maybe there will be Fedora users, even developers, that don't really like doing everything in terminal windows..

I also want to do a pitch session, but I don't want to tell you guys *yet* what it will be, but I can promise you this: it will be fun, and you'll probably learn some new things!

sponsorship thx fudcon toronto people!