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Hi all members around the world, it's a pleasure to stay here with you. I'm really new in both the Linux world, and, of course: in the Fedora Project. I wait to learn so much that I can from you, and become of great usefulness for you too.

I come from Colombia, South America, and here the Linux OS is few used, in fact in my town, Gacheta, a little village into my Country, I'm the only one that is interest to learning about it. For this reason I believe that I have very much work to do here, with my own people: I'm gonna teach my family (my wife, daughter 13, and two sons 12,7)because they are my assistants on my work: .

I´m an architectural designer and pc technician. I am qualified in earthquaque-proof constructions, architecture of computers, design of database in SQL, and foundations of design. Actually (March 12th, 2009) I'm finishing my course of Linux OS: utilities and commands.

I really enjoy the books reading, basketball, walking, and the research of very much topics and issues. My last reading was "The Everything Einstein Book" and "Jehovah's Witnesses 2008 Yearbook"

My better desires of successes in each and every of your contributions.