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Pablo Martin-Gomez

Currently, living in Brussels (Belgium, FOSDEM and multiculture powa) and high school junior. I'm most of all involved in the french community Fedora-Fr

You can contact me if you want in english, french or spanish (I could read the portuguese, but I will reply in spanish)


  • Email: bouska AT fedoraproject DOT org
  • IRC: Bouska on #fedora-fr #fedora-trans-fr (I'm not on the english speaking chan)
  • GPG key: 9C616D49
  • Fedora Account: bouska
  • Jabber: pablomg AT jabber DOT fr

Activities within Fedora

  • Fedora Ambassador : Spreading the word about Fedora and the Free Software in Brussels (the LUG is quite dead currently) and in the french community, find new and motivated contributors
  • I'm involved in the french translation as translator and team coordinator, trying to have the best french translation as possible
  • In my free times, I build some packages for Fedora