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Hi, I am Chris Bacharakis and I study Computer Science at Technical University of Serres at Greece. Recently we created a Linux User Group at Serres, named SerLUG. In my free time I messing around with Fedora, gnome (and generally open source software) and I write C/C++.
|REAL-NAME= Christos Bacharakis
|HOME= Thessaloniki, Greece
|image= Cmpahar.jpg
|FAS-NAME= cmpahar
|gpg= 499F5C33
||irc-nick= cmpahar
|irc-channels=#fedora-el #ellak #fedora-ambassadors #transifex

== Contact ==
'''Website:''' soon

== Christos Bacharakis ==
Studying in [ Serres] city, Greece, to be an Informatics & Communications Engineer.

'''Irc:''' cmpahar on freenode
== Activities within Fedora ==
*'''Ambassadors:''' Fedora Greek Ambassador
*'''L10n:''' Translator

'''GPG key:''' 1024D/CCFA0AEB ( Key fingerprint = A086 05A0 D1A6 0B52 603B  45C8 7DB2 16E6 CCFA )
== Activities outside Fedora ==
*'''SerLUG''' SerLUG coordinator-speaker

== Contributing ==
For start I attend to contribute to fedora project by being a Fedora ambassador at Greece.
== Participated or Organized Fedora Presence ==
* [ First SerLUG's Seminar/Presentation], Presenting Free & Open Source philosophy to the World, Live Fedora Live CD installation (speaker)
* [ Second SerLUG's Seminar/Presentation/OpenTalk], Small Presentation of common Linux distribution's architecture, open discussion with the audience, solving/answering audience's problem/questions (speaker)
* [ Installfest at Serres city]  (organized)
* [[FedoraEvents/ReleaseParty/F9/Patras | Greek Fedora Release Party at Patras City]]
* [[FedoraEvents/ReleaseParty/F10/Thessaloniki | Fedora 10 Release Party at Thessaloniki]]  (organized)
* [ FOSSCOMM 2009] (logistics & booth)
* [ Athens Digital Week 2010]  (logistics & booth)
* [ Openfest 2010]  (logistics & booth)
* [[FedoraEvents/Fosscomm2010 | Fosscomm 2010]] (organizing the event and Fedora participation)
* [ FOSDEM 2008], Brussels Belgium
* [[FUDCon/FUDConBrno2008 | FUDCon at Brno, Czech Republic]]
* [ FOSDEM 2010]  (logistics & booth)
[[Category:Ambassadors from Greece]]

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Christos Bacharakis
Christos Bacharakis
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Home: Thessaloniki, Greece
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FAS-Name: cmpahar
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GPG-Key: 499F5C33
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#fedora-el #ellak #fedora-ambassadors #transifex
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Christos Bacharakis

Studying in Serres city, Greece, to be an Informatics & Communications Engineer.

Activities within Fedora

  • Ambassadors: Fedora Greek Ambassador
  • L10n: Translator

Activities outside Fedora

  • SerLUG SerLUG coordinator-speaker

Participated or Organized Fedora Presence