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Self Introduction


Ricky Elrod (irc: CodeBlock (on Freenode and Slashnet), fas: codeblock, ham radio: N8SQL)

My Fedora Life

... began back in April of 2010. After distro/OS hoping for some time, and nearly settling on a BSD variant, I found the Fedora Infrastructure team. I read some of the SOPs on the wiki, joined a few IRC channels, and instantly knew that I wanted to be a part of the team. Almost a year later, I am now on the core sysadmin team for the project, and enjoy spending time fixing things and making the Infrastructure, and thus, the Project, be the best it can be. :)

My Other Life...or lack thereof

I attend college full time, at The University of Akron, where I am majoring in Computer Science. I am also a member of the University's amateur radio club, where I am the club system administrator. I have big dreams for my future, and generally tend to carry a positive attitude about life and it's horrors blessings.