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Condor's Notes

Decison making tools in action! Asking myself, "What should be the next step?"

Ordinal Coordinate Task Name Description


Activity Log

Activity Log


Purpose Statement

The purpose of my involvement in the Fedora Project includes to increase my technical knowledge of the Fedora Operating System, the applications available on the Fedora Operating System, and the methodology used to guide the development effort that keeps the Fedora Operating System cutting edge. The purpose of my involvement in the Fedora Project includes increases the number of contacts I have in the Linux Community.

3 Schedule in principle
Day Of Week Task Description


  1. My Saturday is everyone's Monday
  2. Fedora QA Meeting

Description Body


My Sunday is Tuesday

Description Body


I schedule nothing on Wednesday because I go back to work after having had two days off.


Task 1

Description Body


Friday afternoon seems a good day to get work done.

Description Body


Task 1

Description Body


Task 1

Description Body

4 Important Links

Test Mailing List Archive

Bash Help List Archive
Bash Bug List Archive
Fedora Next

May Test Matrix
QA Devel Mailing List Archive

5 Miscellany

Top Level of my notes
Fedora Documentation
(Preliminary) Networking Notes

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