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Email: [[mailto('''coolsagy''' AT '''gmail''' DOT '''com''')]
Email: [[mailto('''coolsagy''' AT '''gmail''' DOT '''com''')]

Fedora Account: Coolsagy
Fedora Account: '''Coolsagy

== Qualifications ==
== Qualifications ==

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SatyaSagar Bhat


Email: [[mailto(coolsagy AT gmail DOT com)]

Fedora Account: Coolsagy


Currently pursuing the Bachelor of Engineering Degree from UVCE, Bangalore, India

Programming Languages: C, C++, Java, HTML.

Languages: English, Hindi, Kannada, Konkani.

Personal Details

Age: 21 years(As of Nov, 2008) Place: Bangalore, INDIA

Current Involvement

Being one of the organizers of Inspiron, a technical and entrepreneurship extravaganza(organized by University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering(UVCE), Bangalore), currently involved in the its successful execution. It is scheduled to be held mid of this month.

  • For Fedora:

Working on conducting an event especially meant for open-source(fedora) or having some sessions or product demos.


Promote the Linux in and around my region.

Organize various Install fests and Distribute free DVDs.

Providing Support to all needy who wants to contribute towards Open-Source's Development.

Start a Open-Source or Linux Educational Club for young minds in various Educational Institues(initiating thro' our college).