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Chuck Anderson

I've been an avid user and contributor to Fedora and Red Hat Linux before that since about 1997 or so. I've packaged software in the past (Charles R. Anderson's RPM packages for DHCP) and contributed to the Fedora Legacy project during its lifetime. My main interests are QA, testing, bug reporting, and packaging, helping to make Fedora and Linux as a whole the best operating system out there.

For my day job, I work as a Network Engineer at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, where we use Fedora for our internal systems and services provided to the network. I also do a lot of testing of network equipment, with my primary interests being IPv6 deployment and IP multicast, so naturally I'm interested in these topics in Fedora too.


Activities within Fedora

  • QA testing.
  • Bug reporting, triaging, and occasional fixing.
  • Tier1 Internet2 & IPv6 mirror.
  • Submitted the following packages to Fedora:
    • ocp: Open Cubic Player for MOD/S3M/XM/IT/SID/MIDI music files
    • Judy: General purpose dynamic array library
    • miredo: Tunneling of IPv6 over UDP through NATs
  • Currently maintaining/co-maintaining the following packages:
    • ocp: Open Cubic Player for MOD/S3M/XM/IT/SID/MIDI music files
    • flac123: Command-line program for playing FLAC audio files
  • What I'm currently working on:
    • kcollectd: Viewer for rrd datacollections that have been created by collectd
    • nut: adding NUT-Monitor GUI to nut package
  • Other packages of interest I may submit soon or be interested in (co-)maintaining:
    • xboing
    • nosefart
    • koules
    • autostatus
    • cricket
    • mt-daapd / dmapd
    • armagetronad
    • bb
    • kegs
    • bbgallery
    • quodlibet