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==Clustering with Fedora==
==Clustering with Fedora==
Why Fedora?
Trying ouy Fedora
==Intro to HPC==
==Intro to HPC==

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Name: Oscar Creatura Gonzalez


I began using Fedora at the end of 2012 . I started to being interesed on Clustering,HPC and Parallel Computing. I started to collaborates in a Fedora User group on a constant basis and also to give workshops on fedora ans FOSS. GEtting more and more involved in many aspects ofFedora.

Basic skills and experiences : Python programming , playing around inkscape , bash begginer and GNULinux enthusiast.

Why you're joining : Fedora ecosystem brings a lot of the tools i need do my work.Since this i not a alone venture since i got the support of the community that can push together..

What you're looking to do (be specific): work with python and fedora, HPC, Parallel Computing, Clustering, SoC ARM boards bealgebone black, raspberry pi,parallela,cubiboard,Heterogeneous System Architecture,OpenCL,OpenGL, Big Data, NoSQL databases,data visualization, data structures,infographics

Related links

Future Activities and Plans

  • Enhance and Promote the use of Fedora and FOSS
  • Explore Parallel Computing and HPC

ARM and Big Data

Paralella Board

Clustering with Fedora

Why Fedora? Trying ouy Fedora

Intro to HPC

Fedora on Supercomputing

Parallel Programing

  • Multicore
  • Multithread

Soc and Fedora

  • Beablebone Black
  • Pidora
  • Paralella

Other interest

HomeBrewing with Arduino, Beaglebone and Co.


I like to keep things out in the open, so please ask before you privately message me.

  • Email: or