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|REAL-NAME= David (davdunc) Duncan
|REAL-NAME= David (davdunc) Duncan
|HOME= Chattanooga, TN. USA
|HOME= Seattle, WA. USA
|image= Davdunc.jpg‎
|image= Davdunc.jpg‎
|FAS-NAME= davdunc
|FAS-NAME= davdunc

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David (davdunc) Duncan
David (davdunc) Duncan
Personal Information
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Home: Seattle, WA. USA
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: davdunc
Miscellaneous Information
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IRC: davdunc on Freenode in
#fedora-ambassadors #ctlug #gluster
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David Duncan

Seattle, WA USA

David Duncan

Currently work as a Senior Support Engineer at Amazon Web Services. RHCA #805007392628032

I am most helpful answering questions or solving problems involving Cloud systems and the use of support tools on Fedora and Fedora Cloud images. I participate in a weekly symposium for IT professionals who are enthusiastic about FLOSS every Sunday Morning. As a group, we discuss whatever problems we are facing in our work and home use of Linux. We meet in Maple Leaf, at Cloud Coffee and the group participation is open.

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Activities within Fedora

  • Produced the Fedora Temporary tattoos in 2010.
  • Currently an advocate and ambassador in the Seattle, WA area.

Previously Successful Events and Projects


Texas LinuxFest