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===== Package retiring =====
===== Package retiring =====
* [[How to remove a package at end of life]]
* [[How to remove a package at end of life]]
===== Build Side Build Targets/Tags =====
* [ SOP - Adding side build targets]
* Example with [[Changes/F30Boost169#Scope|Boost1.69 on Fedora 30]]:
** [ rel-eng build tag creation request]
===== Reviews =====
===== Reviews =====

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Denis Arnaud

I first installed RedHat (version 5, in 1998) with Oracle 8, when that latter was delivered on Linux for the first time... on a small Pentium-based computer with 600MB of disk and 64MB of RAM, hence proving to my hierarchy that Linux was ready for professional use. I started to be involved in the Fedora building process by translating documents and package descriptions, and have become a packager in 2009.


Activities within Fedora

Packaging with Docker Images


Boost Releases in Fedora

Modularized Boost

Projects on Copr

Bringing and maintaining a few packages to Fedora

Scientific Spin

Translations (into French)

A few quick links on Fedora packages (to ease my maintenance tasks)

  • Full list of packages waiting for a reviewer here.

Specific packaging procedures

Material for Reviews

Tracking of Package Requests



Specific guidelines
Package testing
Package updating
Package renaming
Package retiring
Build Side Build Targets/Tags
Compositions / Collections
Package information pages (and database)

Hacking on Fedora/RedHat/CentOS


Virtualisation / Cloud Computing

Cloud SIG
Cloud solutions submitted to Fedora
Amazon (EC2)
Create Vagrant Images
imagefactory --debug base_image --parameter generate_icicle false tdl-ppc64le.xml --file-parameter install_script f22-rc3-base.ks


repoquery --requires --recursive --output=ascii-tree pkgname

Brainstorming Section about Packaging

Using Git Work-flow for Packaging

References on Status of Packages

Obligatory Einstein quote