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Danny Stieben

Hello everyone! My name is Danny Stieben, and I am a junior in high school in a small Texas town. I am proud to say that I'm very close to being fluent in three languages, which is impressive for only a junior in high school. I am fluent in German and English, and am taking my fourth year of high school Spanish. If time permits, I would like to learn one or two more languages in my lifetime, although I have interest in at least 5 languages that I haven't learned.

For a while now I've been facinated by open source software, and have been playing around a lot with Linux. Fedora stands out a lot to me because of how well it works while maintaining a completely open-source environment.


Activities within Fedora

Currently I am active with the Ambassadors group, helping to spread the word about Linux and Fedora. After being an Ambassador for almost a year now, I wish to expand my duties in the Fedora Project and am currently in the process of joining the Design Team, Docs Team, Marketing Team, and Translation Team.