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I am Omar CHERIF. Professionally I'm a Web Developer and GNU/Linux sysadmin for eCHERIF a software development company based in Tunisia (supporting mostly Fedora and CentOS in the usual heterogeneous environment). I have started using GNU/Linux as I got Fedora 6(Zod) and has been a long time user of Fedora GNU/Linux Distribution. Throughout the time I had the opportunity to try out many distributions such as CentOS, SuSE, Debian, Yellowdog and more recently Ubuntu but I am still a fan of RPM distribution mainly Fedora. I have also started bloging and advocating about Free and Open Source Software as well as Open Content. I have also been involved in Web development for more than 5 years. I am 27 years old (and counting...)

Free/Busy Time


    Usually in: ##linux
                I also occasionally visit #fedora, and I spend time on other non-Fedora channels (##php #python #perl #android), too. 
  • Jabber: echerifATjabberDOTorg
  • GPG key: pub 1024D/74B331B7 [expires: 12-30-2009] Download

Key fingerprint = 5128 7B44 8D1D 4415 470B 6A30 281D 01EC 2896 07D7

Involvement with Free Software And Fedora

Advocating and blogging on Open Source Software, on Linux and Collaborative works

Fedora Ambassador

Though i have been promoting fedora at work, my entourage, colleges and schools ( I have presented/ demonstrated fedora in some Free software events). I have joined Fedora Ambassador later and hope this will make my involvement and contribution more strong


   * Coding & Software Development
   * Web Development
   * Fedora Artwork contribution
   * Testing new open-source apps and reporting bugs
   * Testing and Reviewing distros
   * Playing around kernel
   * Creating web applications
   * Geek of: Computer Science
            - Information Technology
            - Internet
            - Video Games
            - Mangas
            - Engineering
            - Humanities
            - Literature
            - Music
            - Philosophy
            - Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc.)
            - Social Science (Psychology, Sociology, etc.)
            - Technical Writing...

Activities within Fedora

   * Fedora Ambassador, Tunis, Tunisia
   * Fedora 10 Release Party in Tunisia, 2008-12-13 at INSAT (Institut National des Sciences Appliquées et de Technologie) More info.
   * Contributions in translation and packaging projects
   * Help users to learn, and appreciate Fedora Linux
   * Participating in Open Day manifests
   * Promoting Fedora (FC11 Leonidas), promoting Fedora events and participating in various Open Source projects
   * Organize Fedora Events and Related in Tunis
   * Talk about Fedora in public
   * Distribute Fedora DVD upon request
   * Work with other Fedora Ambassadors Tunisia and World Wide
   * To promote Fedora community and Open Source projects
   * Improve IA, user experience and user friendliness of Fedora web sites
   * Helping peoples on irc and multiple boards across the net
   * We plan submitting some packages that we currently have in our personal repository for the benefit of the community


   * Tunisian Fedora community: 
   * Company Website: 
   * Fedoraproject page: 

Internet Footprints

   * Company Blog BLOG
   * My Blog