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Matthieu Saulnier a.k.a. Casper

  • French Fedora User
  • Junior Fedora User
  • Using Fedora operating system since Fedora 12 release on ASUS N61J laptop

Activities within Fedora

Activities in general computing

Fingerprint: 09:75:86:4A:20:36:0F:94:A1:39:11:4A:D3:2E:8E:BE:30:F2:24:29
  • Member of April (French association to promote Free Softwares in France)
  • Tor Node operator (list of my nodes)

Profesionnal experience

During 2 years I was employed in a small company (in Paris) of 15 members. A lot of hack, a lot of fun, and a lot of experiences at the end ^^


  • Developper on Odoo ERP software
  • Using python language and golang
  • dockerfile development

System and network administrator

  • Ubuntu 12.04, 14.04, 16.04 including OS upgrades
  • shell scripting
  • ansible
  • docker deployment
  • KVM virtualization
  • LVM
  • IPSEC openswan+strongswan
  • openvpn
  • certificates authorities x509
  • Odoo administration
  • Authentic2 SASL administration token
  • ufw firewall
  • postgresql
  • Xbus deployment
  • Mattermost, Seafile, Myreport deployment


  • Email : fantom ~at~
  • GPG Key ID : 0x783EE46C
Fingerprint: 5D42 812D 7293 2A29 D6EB  5DB8 2195 E863 783E E46C
  • IRC : Casper_v2 on Freenode
  • Jabber/XMPP : casper ~at~

My Fedora Badges (60)

Involvement Bloggin' it! (Planet III) Bloggin' it! (Planet I) Bloggin' it! (Planet IV) Bloggin' it! (Planet II) Like a Rock (Updates-Stable II) Like a Rock (Updates-Stable I) Is this thing on? (Updates-Testing I) You can call me "Patches" (SCM I) You can call me "Patches" (SCM II) Ambassador Junior Editor Junior Badger (Badger I) What goes up... (Koji Failure I) Bob Loblaw (Planet V) If you build it... (Koji Success II) If you build it... (Koji Success I) Is this thing on? (Updates-Testing II) Embryo Tadpole Egg The cat came back... What goes around comes around (Karma I) Helping Hand Let Me Introduce Myself Bona Fide Secretary General Take this and call me in the morning Speak Up! In Search of the Bull (Tester I) If you build it... (Koji Success III) Associate Badger (Badger 1.5) Discovery of the Footprints (Tester II) Origin What goes up... (Koji Failure II) Perceiving the Bull (Tester III) Partners in Crime Macaron (Cookie I) Tadpole with Legs Top 500 Building the Outer Ring (Copr Build I) Paranoid Panda Associate Editor You can call me "Patches" (SCM III) Froglet Senior Badger (Badger II) Long Life to Pagure (Pagure II) Blog Lobber (Planet VI) What goes up... (Koji Failure III) Long Life to Pagure (Pagure I) Adult Frog Building the Outer Ring (Copr Build II) Long Life to Pagure (Pagure IV) Long Life to Pagure (Pagure V) Long Life to Pagure (Pagure VI) Long Life to Pagure (Pagure III) Corporate Drone Building the Outer Ring (Copr Build III) Building the Outer Ring (Copr Build IV) Building the Outer Ring (Copr Build V)