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= Grant Bowman =
= Grant Bowman =

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Grant Bowman

  • I'm relatively new to the Fedora community. I began using Unix in 1989 and have been using Linux since 1994 when I co-founded Silicon Valley Public Access Link (SV-PAL or, a FreeNet for Santa Clara County that is still a self-sustaining not for profit ISP today. I have contributed bugs and patches to several open source software projects as I have "scratched my own itch." I was a registered Debian Developer but package maintenance is not something I developed a passion for. I was a full time employee with the US branch of SuSE from 1999 to 2001 before Novell entered the picture.


Activities within Fedora

  • I run Fedora on my OLPC XO-1 and have been attending the OLPC San Francisco meetings. I have given out Fedora CDs I created at Linux User Groups (LUGs) and generally advocate for free software in the many LUGs I visit in California. I am looking forward to becoming a Fedora Ambassador.
  • My plans and ideas will evolve as I learn where I can best contribute.