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It is still under construction and content may change. Do not rely on the information on this page.

Let the Fedora community pay bills for you! The process below is here to make it simpler to get paid / reimbursed for Fedora related expenses*.

The following is the reimbursement process guidelines. Please read this document thoroughly before you consider spending money, planning an event, etc. for or related to the Fedora Project.

What can the cards be used for?

Assuming that the expense has been approved, the cards can be used for:

  • Purchasing materials needed for Fedora from trusted online sellers
  • Reimbursing Fedora expenses
  • Vendors for swag, media, etc.
  • Sponsorship of booths/events
  • Paying for hotel accomodations
  • Paying for travel tickets (air, train, etc.)
  • Meals
  • Shipping
  • etc.

What the cards cannot be used for!

Expenses for specific events are not covered within the purview of the credit card holders. These events are:

  • FUDCon
  • Fedora Activity Day
  • Any other event in which Fedora / Red Hat sponsors. The determination of such an event will be given and a reimbursement / payment process will be defined.

Approval of expenses

There are several parts of Fedora that can approve and reimburse expenses:

  • All requests should be documented clearly for transparency
  • Each request must be submitted prior to any event or activity where reimbursement/payment may be expected
  • Approval is based upon estimates. Payment amounts may differ from the approved amount
  • The recommended way is to file tickets is via the appropriate Trac ticket tracker

Where the request goes is based upon the requested amount:

  1. $0-499 USD
  • The request requires approval from at least one of the following groups:
  • The application must be submitted to a FAmSCo member, CC Holder or approved person (hereafter named 'approver').
    • If the actual amount is greater than the estimate by more than $100 USD, the approver will use their best judgment to either reimburse the overage, or ask for a review from the appropriate regional community (APAC, EMEA, LATAM, or NA).
  1. $500-1999 USD
  • The request requires approval from the appropriate regional community (APAC, EMEA, LATAM, or NA)
  • It is strongly recommended that the committee which approves these funds be made up of at least five (5) individuals

  1. $2000+ USD requires approval from the following group: