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<div style="float: right;">__TOC__</div><big>'''Ian Weller'''</big> &mdash; <span class="plainlinks">[]</span><br>
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Contributor, Fedora Project<br>
Intern and Doer of Stuff, Fedora Engineering Team, Red Hat

[[#Contact|More contact information]] &mdash; [[/College schedule|College schedule]] &mdash; [ Blog]
== Background ==
I began contributing to the Fedora Project as a packager in late 2007 (I was sponsored in early 2008). I soon stopped being able to find packages that I knew how to work with and started diving into other parts of Fedora, notably the Art Team (now the [[Design|Design Team]]). From there I became more and more involved and, as they say, the rest is history.
I'm currently a student at the [ University of Kansas], majoring in [ computer science]. I was the [[Scholarship 2010|2010 recipient]] of the [[Scholarship|Fedora Scholarship]] and administrated the scholarship the next year.
== Major stuff I'm working on now ==
* See [[/Projects]]
== Contact ==
* '''IRC''': ianweller on freenode &mdash; You can find me in most Fedora-related channels. I like to keep things out in the open, so please ask before you privately message me.
* '''Email''': or &mdash; prefer the email

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