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This is Ian's page where he keeps track of what he's trying to work on.

If you would like to suggest something for Ian to do, please put it on the talk page.


  • rhbug:480133—“No margin for professional printing can be added” Pushed to git
  • Set up l10n for fedora-business-cards (?) don't care right now
  • Do a little bit of redesign as suggested by Mo
  • Modularize business card designs as requested by mchua, possibly rename fedora-business-cards done

Brand and trademark guidelines + legal stuff

  • Do whatever needs to happen to make the current drafts into non-drafts
  • Work on moving content from the Legal: namespace to a static non-wiki website (probably a fedora-legal-web.git)

  • Write script to download font RPMs and extract them done
  • Make webpage template
    • Front page -- randomly selected fonts for that day's page render
    • Per-font pages
    • Some sort of search functionality
  • Integrate into fcomm tagger to determine if fonts are serif or sans-serif or mono or whaaatever


  • Determine something that can convert MediaWiki syntax to DocBook python-mwlib
  • Package python-mwlib and the docbook writer (status: User:Ianweller/mwlib status)
  • Bugzilla integration:
    • Get components for the Fedora Docs thingy
    • File a bug with an attachment
  • Glue everything together with the GUI
  • Do magic

His Beefiness

  • Determine if we (Red Hat) can select an appropriate license for the Beefy Miracle or if it defaults to the license for Anaconda

Fedora Planet theme refresh

Create new planet theme that supports:

  • Collapsible sidebar
  • Show/hide individual authors (stored in a cookie)
  • Show/hide individual posts (stored in a cookie)

Base the new theme on the current layout.


  • Python 3 compatibility