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|irc-channels=#fedora, #houseofhack, #oss, #rfslug, #techtavern
|irc-channels=#fedora #houseofhack #oss #rfslug #techtavern

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About me

Hello, I am IFo Hancroft. I have been using Linux and Fedora since Fedora Core 3 and have been loving it since then.

I work as a programmer for a startup called Tool.Domains (yes, we do actually have a dot in our name :D ) and I am doing my day to day job using nothing but Free/Libre/Open Source Software.

I also represent Open Sound System on Freenode.

Besides Linux, Fedora and Free/Libre/Open Source Software I also have interests in programming, gaming, modding (case modding as well as software and hardware modding), music (being a goth, music is one of the two biggest things in my life, the other are computers), Rubik's Cube type puzzles, Fingerboarding and more.


  • Fedora Email: ifo(at)fedoraproject(dot)com
  • Private Email: contact(at)ifohancroft(dot)com
  • Website: (Please forgive me, but I don't know when I'll be able to finish it)
  • Twitter:
  • IRC: ifohancroft @ freenode: #fedora #houseofhack #oss #rfslug #techtavern

Activities within Fedora

  • Ambassador: Fedora Ambassador in Bulgaria

Activities outside Fedora

  • Open Sound System: Representative on Freenode and contact between the community and 4Front Technologies