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= Mohd Izhar Firdaus Ismail =
Fedora Ambassador for Malaysia, MY
'''Locations:''' Perak / Kuala Lumpur
'''Email:''' [[MailTo(mohd DOT izhar DOT firdaus AT gmail DOT com)] 
'''Tel:''' (6)017-2792765
== Profile ==
Currently studying in PETRONAS University of Technology ([ Official Website] )([ Wikipedia] )
Information Communication Technology student, 3rd year 1st semester
Founder, [ UTP Open Source Software Association]
== What I've done so far ==
* GNU/Linux, Fedora and OSS advocacy in UTP.
* Hosted a Fedora repository mirror for use by users within UTP's LAN.
* Support and helping new Fedora and other distros users in UTP.
* Done some small OSS related talks during UTP-OSS meet-ups
* "ICT Week" event in UTP, opened a booth under UTP-OSS and promoted Fedora on the same time.
== What I'm currently doing ==
* Some packaging for Fedora (namely: libcompizconfig, compizconfig-backend-{gconf,kde}, ccsm, libitl)
* More advocacy around my local area and friends to pull them to Fedora and finding potential contributors.
* More and more user support for Fedora and Linux users in my location
* Trying to create a community of Malaysian Fedora lovers through
<!-- * Setting up a alike server in UTP's LAN for advocating OSS tools and development among students and lecturers.
<!-- * An XFCE LiveCD using Pilgrim Livecd-Tools (a simple project for UTP-OSS, to gain reputation among lecturers and management)
== Stuff ==

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