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[[Image:N2063133_49630370_5096.jpg|thumb|right|90px|Joseph Esolato]]
[[Image:N2063133 49630370 5096.jpg|thumb|right|90px|Joseph Esolato]]
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Joseph Esolato

Personal Information

Name: Joseph Esolato

Sex: Male

Location: Gainesville, FL

Birthday: March 25, 1986

Hometown: Fort Walton Beach, FL

Political Views: Conservative

Education Info: UF '09
                             Wilmington High School '04

Occupation(s): Student at the University of Florida
                             Fedora Contributor

Contact Information


IRC Nick: jesolato

GPG Key ID: 6E223431

VoIP Extension: 5111952

SIP Address:

Fedora Involvement

Time Period: August 4, 2008 - Present

Contributions: Maintaining the Facebook page for marketing of Fedora

Facebook Page:

Fedora Groups