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|gpg          = 39E45FB6014131E4
|gpg          = 39E45FB6014131E4
|irc-nick    = jwf
|irc-nick    = jwf
|irc-channels = #fedora, #fedora-devel
|irc-channels = #fedora-badges, #fedora-commops, #fedora-council, #fedora-diversity, #fedora-mindshare, #rit-foss, ##jwf
|twitter      = jwf_foss
|twitter      = jwf_foss
|linkedin    = justinwflory
|linkedin    = justinwflory
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I am ''jwf'' on Freenode IRC. Don't be nervous to say hi!
I am ''jwf'' on Freenode IRC. Don't be nervous to say hi!
== Contact ==
* '''Email''': jwf [at] fedoraproject [dot] org
* '''IRC''': jwf
* '''Common IRC channels''':
** #fedora-badges
** #fedora-commops
** #fedora-council
** #fedora-diversity
** #fedora-mindshare
** #rit-foss
** ##jwf
* [ Twitter]

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Justin W. Flory (he/him)
Justin W. Flory (he/him)
Personal information
Pronouns: he/him
Location: United States
Birthday: Private
E-mail: jwf [at] fedoraproject [dot] org
GPG key: 39E45FB6014131E4
Contact information
Twitter: jwf_foss
Telegram: jwflory
LinkedIn: justinwflory
GitHub: jwflory
GitLab: jwflory

Fedora-specific information
FAS name: jflory7
Fedora e-mail:
Fedora homepage:

About me

I am a Fedora Project contributor since September 2015. I participate in various parts of the Fedora Community. I hold a Networking and Systems Administration B.S. with a double-minor in Free and Open Source Software and Free Culture and Women's and Gender Studies.

I first used Linux (and Fedora) in December 2013. Fedora 20 was my first-ever desktop Linux distribution! Read more about what I'm doing on my blog.

I am jwf on Freenode IRC. Don't be nervous to say hi!

Fedora contributions

See my past and current Fedora contributions on my website.


My scratchpad is a miscellaneous collection of ideas, thoughts, or concepts that need refinement. They are all related to Fedora in some way. Perhaps some may interest you:

My Scratchpad