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* Article writing about Fedora
* Article writing about Fedora
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[[Category:Homepage]] [[Category:NewsProject]]

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Jonathan Roberts

In the real world, I'm a theology undergraduate at the University of Exeter. In Fedora world, I spend most of my time helping out with the Marketing project however I can (the developer interviews are my regular contribution), but generally I try to jump in and help where ever I can. Websites are my other major focus at the minute, and I expect to return to action with the Docs team too.


  • Email: jonrob AT fedoraproject DOT org
  • IRC: On Freenode you can find me as JonRob - usually in #fedora and #fedora-docs.


  • Developer Interviews
  • Secretary to the Websites team
  • Release Overviews
  • Release Announcements
  • Docs Project
  • Article writing about Fedora