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This is a draft schedule for the marketing team to follow in the build up to the Fedora 11 release. Included is a description of the tasks and the steps required to complete them, as well as a preliminary schedule to help guide our priorities as the release approaches.


These are just task titles; descriptions of the tasks can be found further down the page.

Completion Date Task Title
2009-03-03 Lay press contacts list
Guide to translating Fedora software
Guide to testing Fedora releases
2009-04-21 Feature Summary
Features for general art sites
Features for system-administrator sites & magazines
Release note contributors
Fedora Forum
2009-04-28 Release & countdown banners
2009-05-19 Release announcement

Task Descriptions

Lay press contacts list

While Red Hat's internal marketing teams will handle communication with the larger press outlets as well as arranging interviews with the FPL, the marketing team will work with smaller press outlets, bloggers and podcasters to help drive interest and increase knowledge about Fedora in these areas. To achieve this we will need to:

  1. Create a list of contacts
  2. Get in touch with contacts and
    1. Advise them of the feature list (feature summary when ready)
    2. Arrange interviews with developers, project members