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Migrated hosted repositories to that of another type.

Contact Information

Owner: Fedora Infrastructure Team

Contact: #fedora-admin, sysadmin-hosted

Location: Serverbeach

Servers: hosted1, hosted2

Purpose: Migrate hosted SCM repositories to that of another SCM.

Description can be used to host open source projects. Occasionally those projects want to change the SCM they utilize. This document provides documentation for doing so.

  1. An scm for maintaining the code. The currently supported scm's include Mercurial, Git, Bazaar, or SVN. Note: There is no cvs
  2. A trac instance, which provides a mini-wiki for hosting information and also provides a ticketing system.
  3. A mailing list

This page is for administrators only. People wishing to request a hosted project should use the Ticketing System ; see the
new project request template
. (Requires Fedora Account)

SVN to GIT migration

Currently you must manually generate $PROJECTNAME-users.txt by grabbing a list of people in the FAS group - and recording them in th following format
 $fasusername = FirstName LastName <$emailaddress> 

This is error prone, and will stop the git-svn fetch below if an author appears that doesn't exist in the list of users.

 svn log --quiet | awk '/^r/ {print $3}' | sort -u 

The above will generate a list of users in the svn repo.

If all users are FAS users you can use the following script to create a users file (written by tmz (Todd Zullinger)


if [ -z "$1" ]; then
    echo "usage: $0 <svn repo>" >&2
    exit 1


if ! svn info $svnurl &>/dev/null; then
    echo "$1 is not a valid svn repo." >&2

svn log -q $svnurl | awk '/^r[0-9]+/ {print $3}' | sort -u | while read user; do
    name=$( (getent passwd $user 2>/dev/null | awk -F: '{print $5}') || '' )
    [ -z "$name" ] && name=$user
    echo "$user=$name <$email>"

  1. Log into hosted1
  2. Make a temporary directory to convert the repos in
    $ sudo mkdir /tmp/tmp-$PROJECTNAME.git
    $ ce /tmp/tmp-$PROJECTNAME.git
  3. Create an git repo ready to receive migrated SVN data
    $ sudo git-svn init$PROJECTNAME --no-metadata 
  4. Tell git to fetch and convert the repository:
    $ git svn fetch 
This creation of a temporary repository is necessary because SVN leaves a number of items floating around that git can ignore, and we want those essentially ignored.

From here, you'll wanted to follow Creating a new git repo as if cloning an existing git repository to Fedorahosted.

After that process is done - kindly remove the temporary repo that was created

$ sudo rm -rf /tmp/tmp-$PROJECTNAME.git 

Alternately, here's another way to do this (tmz):

# Setup a working dir
[tmz@hosted1 tmp (master)]$ mkdir im-chooser-conversion && cd im-chooser-conversion

# Create authors file mapping svn usernames to Name <email> form git uses.
[tmz@hosted1 im-chooser-conversion (master)]$ ~tmz/svn-to-git-authors im-chooser > authors

# Convert svn to git
[tmz@hosted1 im-chooser-conversion (master)]$ git svn clone -s -A authors --no-metadata file:///svn/im-chooser

# Move svn branches and tags into proper locations for the new git repo.
# (git-svn leaves them as 'remote' branches/tags.)
[tmz@hosted1 im-chooser-conversion (master)]$ cd im-chooser
[tmz@hosted1 im-chooser (master)]$ mv .git/refs/remotes/tags/* .git/refs/tags/ && rmdir .git/refs/remotes/tags
[tmz@hosted1 im-chooser (master)]$ mv .git/refs/remotes/* .git/refs/heads/
# Now 'git branch' and 'git tag' should display the branches/tags.

# Create a bare repo from the converted git repo.
# Using file://$(pwd) here ensures that git copies all objects to the new bare repo.
[tmz@hosted1 im-chooser-conversion (master)]$ git clone --bare --shared file://$(pwd)/im-chooser im-chooser.git

# Follow the steps in to
# finish setting proper modes and permissions for the repo.  Don't forget to
# update the description file.
This still leaves moving the converted bare repo (im-chooser.git) to /git and fixing up the user/group.

Questions left to be answered with this SOP

  • Obviously we need to have requestor review the migration and confirm it's ok.
  • Do we then delete the old SCM contents?
  • Do we need to change the FAS-group type to grant them access to pull/push from it?