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== Activities within Fedora ==
== Activities within Fedora ==
* As a linguist I want to contribute in translation of Fedora in different languages that I know.
'''I left Fedora and don't contribute on any sub-projects here'''
* I know following languages : Persian, English, Arabic, Balochi, and French a little.
* I am coordinator of [ Balochi Language] .
* Co-worker in [ Persian Team]
* Organizing Persian community to obtain a license agreement for the website
* providing help in IRC ([irc://freenode/#fedora-ir fedora-ir]) for our local users
* [[Ambassadors|Fedora Ambassadors]]
* A member of The Fedora [[Mentors]] program ('''Documentation & Translation''')
* I am a member of [[Distribution/FreeMedia|Free Media]] project. Check [ here]
* Doc team
* co-founder of a Fedora remix [http:/ Parsidora]
==My plans==
* make our wiki for Persian community [done]
* make available off-line support for my community [in progress]
* stablish an official and registered community  [in progress]
* A fedora conference in Iran [done]
* A fedora remix for users who don't have a good internet connection  [done]
[[Category:Ambassadors from Iran]]

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Mostafa Daneshvar
Mostafa Daneshvar
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I'm using Fedora 37 as OS. My field of interest is PHP programming and translating.

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Activities within Fedora

I left Fedora and don't contribute on any sub-projects here