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My name is Léon Keijser. I'm currently employed at Stone-IT in the Netherlands, a Linux for e-business company.

Stuff i like:

  • Python, both the programming language and tv show/movie/musical
  • LVS
  • Cobbler
  • Func
  • Puppet
  • vimperator (firefox plugin)
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Hello Kitty (the clothes looks cute on my baby daughter, i don't care if it's gay to mention here :P)

Current certifications i hold:

  • RHCE
  • NCLE
  • CCNA (expired jan 2010 .. pity, but i did't use much cisco stuff anywho)

Packages i (co-)maintain:

  • stonevpn (also programmed by me)
  • googsystray
  • !!your package could be here!!@11 Call 1800-SCAM

I don't have a blog for various reasons. If above text should ever be interpreted as one, it will magically disappear.