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While I got a degree in physics couple of years ago, these days I am working as a Project Manager at credativ, a company providing Linux and Open Source support and services. I am "the Fedora/CentOS guy" there while being surrounded by Debian folks ;-)

I use Fedora since the first beta releases (the old "core" times) and still use it on my main machine at home. Besides, all my servers do run on CentOS in various versions.


Email: [MailTo(liquidat AT bayz DOT de)]

GPG: 0x4c0435b8

Nickname (IRC, etc.): liquidat


Languages: English, German, Swedish


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Role in Fedora

  • Blogger listed at Planet Fedora
  • packager for 3rd party KDE/Qt packages
    • Audex
    • ktorrent
    • rsibreak
    • speedcrunch