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|REAL-NAME=Leonardo Menezes Vaz
|image= lvaz_rh_small.jpg
|HOME= Sao Paulo, Brazil
|FAS-NAME= lmvaz
|gpg= A4743E5C
|irc-nick= lvaz
|irc-channels= #fedora-latam #fedora-br
[[Image:Artwork_PromoBanners_fedora-mentors-banner.png|thumb||[[Looking for a mentor?]]]]

== Who is Leo? ==
Hi there! My name is Leonardo Vaz, and currently I'm living in Sao Paulo, Brazil where I work as Software Maintenance Engineer specializing on local filesystems for Red Hat.
My first contact with Open Source was back in 1998 when he got Red Hat Linux 5.1 (Manhattan) installed in my old PC, and in last 15 years I've been involved in several activities related to FOSS, both professionally as well voluntarily. I have a large experience in deploy and management of large infrastructures, consultancy, development and training. I'm a former Conectiva employee and was responsible for Tchelinux LUG between middle 2006 to early 2010.
== What am I doing here? ==
Among all [[Join| roles]] suggested by the project, I think I best fit in the "[[Join#People_Person|People Person]]" definition, and my main goal is help people to find their place in the project and encouraging them to contribute.
== Activities within Fedora ==
* Currently I am a volunteer in [[Ambassadors|Fedora Ambassador Project]], and contribute promoting the project in Sao Paulo, Brazil
* In June 2013 I joined the Mentors team to help new contributors in project
* I'm managing time to get involved in RPM packaging and QA activities
== Fedora Activity Days ==
I organized the first [[FAD_SP_2013|Fedora Activity Day]] in Sao Paulo, on June 1st, 2013 and I am planning next meetings like this.
== Other FOSS related activities ==
In my free time I try to contribute with other upstream projects sponsored by Red Hat locally in Latin America, and I was responsible for Red Hat Cloud Projects Booth at [ FISL13],  [ FISL14] and [ FISL15].
== Community background ==
Between 2006 and 2009 I was the coordinator of [ Tchelinux LUG], being responsible for over 35 events. I have plans to come back to the group this year and help to take it to a next level.
== Activity report ==
A maintain a [[User:Lmvaz/reports |activity report]] where I try to list all initiatives I am currently involved at Fedora.
== Contact information ==
Besides the Fedora Project email address, I can be found at [ Google+], [ Linkedin] and [ Github]. Feel free to contact me. :)
[[Category:Ambassadors from Brazil]]

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