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# [[FUDConBerlin2009| FUDCon Berlin 2009]], June 26 - 28, Berlin (Germany)
# [[FUDConBerlin2009| FUDCon Berlin 2009]], June 26 - 28, Berlin (Germany)
[[:Category:Ambassadors_from_Germany|  Ambassadors Germany]]
[[:Category:Ambassadors from Germany]]

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I am a member of the LXDE core team and president of the LXDE Foundation. We are working closely together with other members of the Fedora community to support an official spin of LXDE in Fedora. I am origianally from Berlin Germany, but have lived in different countries e.g. Australia, Afghanistan, France and Italy. My private blog is


  • Email:
  • IRC: MarioB (eg. #fedora, #lxde, #lxde-zh, #linuxnus)
  • GPG key: Your key ID and/or signature
  • Fedora Account: Mario Behling

Member of

Special Interests


Activities within Fedora

  • Supporting porting of LXDE to Fedora
  • Organizing events bringing together the Fedora community
  • Translating packages used in Fedora
  • Giving presentations introducing Fedora


I applied to join Ambassadors in June 2009 and am member of the Ambassadors Germany.


  • 2009
  1. Linuxtag 2009, June 24 - 27, Berlin (Germany)
  2. FUDCon Berlin 2009, June 26 - 28, Berlin (Germany)

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