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* [ GNOME]
* [ GNOME]

== Package Maintainer ==
* See all my packages
** [ in the Package DB].
** [ in Koji]
* [ Updates in the Fedora Updates System]

== Activities within Fedora ==
== Activities within Fedora ==
*Member of:
*Member of [[PackageMaintainers|  Package Maintainers]]
**[[PackageMaintainers|  Package Maintainers]]
** See all my packages
*** [ in the Package DB].
*** [ in Koji]
** [ Updates in the Fedora Updates System]

== Other activities ==
== Other activities ==

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Mario Blättermann

I'm Mario, born in 1970 in Germany. My profession is carpenter, mostly I build formwork for concrete. I spend a considerable part of my free time on Linux. That's a good compensation for my physical work ;)

My first contact with free operating systems was in 1999. Means, I'm one of the older farts in this field. After a lot of years with Mandrake/Mandriva I tried to find the "ideal distribution", but I'm very unsure if it really exists. My dream was a distribution with a rolling release, with less branding patches, with a good quality assurance, with... But there is no distribution which would match all these needs. Fedora is for me the best compromise of all of them.

Some years ago I began with building packages for Mandriva, which were published by the project. Now I've restarted packaging for Fedora, with a better quality assurance and much better tools surrounding the build process.


Special Interests

Activities within Fedora

Other activities

For some years, I'm involved in the German team of the GNOME Translation Project. I'm especially working on translations for user guides and other documentation.

Moreover, I'm co-maintainer of the gLabels project. This is an application for designing and printing stationery products, such as self-adhesive labels and business cards. However, I have no idea how programming languages work, within gLabels I'm working on translations, documentation and picking up new templates.