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Cătălin George Feştilă - fedora user

Cătălin George Feştilă
[[Image:{{{image}}}|center|250px|Cătălin George Feştilă]]
Fedora Information
FAS name: mythcat
Fedora email:
IRC nick: mythcat
IRC channels:
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  • Email:
  • IRC: My freenode IRC name: mythcat | the channels:#fedora #fedora-design #fedora-docs
  • GPG key: Your key ID and/or signature
  • Fedora Account: mythcat Fedora Account System

About Me

My name is Cătălin George Feştilă, born 1976 , live Fălticeni , jud Suceava - country Romania , Europe.

  • born on March 7th, 1976;
  • divorced with one child;
  • nicknames: mythcat and catafest

I am involved in multiple open-source projects like:

  • programming with python, C#, 3D/2D and game programming;
  • graphics with open osurce Blender 3D, Inkscape, Gimp;
  • web development: HTML5, using javascript ( webgl , three.js,...)
  • programming with shaders;
  • painting and drawing;
  • sports, hiking, survival, skiing, snowboarding, horse riding, tennis,

Activities within Fedora (see full images)

Ticket #447 - Logo for section Maintain & Developer in Fedora Developer Portal

Maintain & Developer - test001 --447.svg

Marketing Banners SVG file - Fedora 24

Powered fedora 2016.svg Powered fedora 2016 black.svg

Wallpaper concept - Fedora 15

Bird-cata.svg Fedora15-Concept.svg

Wallpaper and sidebar Fedora 14 - (proposals)

F14-Concept.jpg F14-SecConcept.jpg F14sprite.jpg F14-sec-sprites.jpg

Wallpaper and sidebar Fedora 13 - (proposals)

F13 wallpaper.jpg Firstboot-sidebar-f13-mythcat.png

Wallpaper Fedora 12 - (some proposals)

Fedora12wall.jpg Wall3fedora.jpg Fedora wall8.jpg Fedora wall7.jpg Fedora wall3.jpg

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