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Nathan Thomas

  • Name: Nathan Thomas
  • Email: nathan dOt thomas AT peacenik dOt co dOt uk
  • IRC: nathant on freenode
  • Location: Canterbury, Kent (South East England)

About Me

I'm a student at the University of Kent, studying art history. I have no background in programming or system administration - I'm just a regular desktop user with a little spare time, a willingness to learn, and a grasp of written English. I like the fact that even people who wouldn't know a Python class object if it leapt out and bit them (i.e. people like myself!) can contribute to the Fedora community.

Currently I'm a member of the Docs Project, helping to edit and update Fedora documentation and release notes. I'm the contact person for the Live Image guide, and also contribute to other desktop-related guides.

I'm also a proud member of the Xfce SIG!