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Presentation to Fedora Ambassador Mailing list

"Hello Fedora Ambassador mailing list.

I am a new here and I am writing because I want to talk about me and what I want to do as Ambassador (little) here. (At this time, I'm on new Fedora Ambassador process)

I am eighteen years old, I was born on Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz, Spain. But, I am living on Lanzarote, Canary Islands. I think am considered a tolerant person with who you can speak.

As contributor to free or open source software, I made a 2 patches to FreeBSD, at ending summer, I founded a FreeBSD Spain user group to FreeBSD spanish speakers to share ideas, help, stories and more and try to unify a FreeBSD spanish users with this group. More before, I had a blog about FreeBSD and made a howtos that, later, I ported my blog howtos to FreeBSD Spain.

I am interested to show Fedora to persons, as students as adults for as good of is Fedora on all areas: security, stability, fastness and more.

Too, I interested to share these 4 values that Fedora want to share, as:

Freedom, anybody can to contribute to Fedora Project as tester, packager, editor, ambassador, photographer, image designer, translator or so more with generously and enriching culture.

A big and good community where you can share stories, ideas, help others with individual or collective problems, help and/or improve other software free groups using Fedora bugzilla. (F.B report bugs, these bugs fixed it, and reported it to other software group to fix it too)

Innovation, a lot of things I can highlight deltas, spins, have an almost latest software without forget the quality (good QA), and more!

To share this little part, I will use a presentations, individual chats, speaking with my parents, my partners that want to know "What's is Fedora?" I like all them."

Versión en español de la presentación

Where you can find me?

  • Facebook as Álvaro Castillo, or (You must are logged on FB to watch my profile)
  • Google Plus Profile
  • Fusion is Freedom, my blog for world where I talk about *BSD operative system and Linux distro on spanish. (but I try to translating to english)
  • IRC, Freenode, send me a memo with /msg MemoServ send netSys <message>
  • Twitter
  • MSN, netsys < at > fedoraproject < stop > org
  • Skype netsys0
  • Youtube's profile


  • Fedora spanish show, download from here
  • Post published about Fedora such as Howto'
  • Founder of Fedora Lanzarote to show Fedora on High schools....


  • Native and I prefer, Spanish.
  • Alternative, American english

Ask, send a mail

netsys < at > fedoraproject < dot > org