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Hi folks!

I am ambassador of Fedora Project since 2012, last year. I'm 19 years old and was started on Linux since 2007 with some Linux distribution, but always as end-user, non technically as know about all, e.g how to work fully systemd, Fedora used over some *BSD systems such as FreeBSD or OpenBSD as env compatibility

I am glad represent Fedora Linux distro, It's very fast, with good quality, stability, performance that you never dreamt! Also Fedora Project has got a big and good community that shares a lot of knowledge day-per-day writting on Fedora Project wiki, Fedora Project docs, own blogs, "third-party" forums and more!

I hope, show Fedora Project a lot of people by means of workshops, presentations, meetings, bits chats on Caffe,school's corridors, with my friends.... and more!


Personal Information

Name: Álvaro Castillo

CountrySpain: Spain

Birthday: December 1


  • Spanish (native)
  • American English





skype: netSys0


Where you can find me?

  • Facebook as Álvaro Castillo, or (You must are logged on FB to watch my profile)
  • Google Plus Profile
  • Fusion is Freedom, my blog for world where I talk about *BSD operative system and Linux distro on spanish. (but I try to translating to english)
  • IRC, Freenode, send me a memo with /msg MemoServ send netSys <message>
  • Twitter
  • MSN, netsys < at > fedoraproject < stop > org
  • Skype netsys0
  • Youtube's profile
  • Diaspora


  • Fedora spanish show, download from here
  • Post published about Fedora such as Howto'
  • Founder of Fedora Lanzarote to show Fedora on High schools....


  • Native and I prefer, Spanish.
  • Alternative, American english

Ask, send a mail

netsys < at > fedoraproject < dot > org